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Common Causes of Accidents in the Workplace

A huge number of personal injury claims which are made each year are as a result of an accident in the workplace. Here in Connecticut workers compensation attorney Gould Injury Law takes on a huge number of these cases each and every year, and so many of these cases are alike. There are a number of common reasons for accidents in the workplace that make up a large portion of claims, and here we are going to look at exactly what they are.

Lifting Objects

Strains and sprains which occur after the lifting of objects are one of the most common reasons for injuries in the workplace. Often this is an employee incorrectly lifting an item but it is also often caused by an employee lifting an object which is too heavy for them. Support should be given here and assistance where it is needed.

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The reason why employers have to make sure that their staff takes the correct amount of breaks at the right time is so that they can avoid fatigue. This is especially true when it comes to jobs that involve manual labor. There is a wide range of physical injuries which can occur when a worker is fatigued, including atrophy, injuries from a lack of focus, and general exhaustion.

Poor Lighting

We may not think much of a dimly lit area in the workplace but this does in fact present a very real danger to workers. Inadequate lighting can very easily lead to slips and trips in the workplace, as employees are not able to spot the potential hazards which are in their way.

Incorrect Handling of Machinery

There are so many accidents in the workplace that could be easily avoided if the employee has the correct training, but sadly they often do not. This is even more dangerous when it comes to handling machinery and equipment which can really do some damage. If an untrained member of staff uses this kind of equipment incorrectly they can very easily find themselves on the wrong end of an injury.


Spillages can occur in any workplace of course, but it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that there is a robust plan in place when any spillage is spotted. These should not be left, they should be cleaned up as quickly as possible and a sign should be laid out which alerts other customers and employees that there is a wet floor. Despite the fact that this is so simple, you would be surprised to find out that so many workplaces fail to do this, and the result is of course an accident that can result in injury.

Acts of Violence

Whilst it is not necessarily classed as an accident, acts of violence in the workplace have contributed heavily to personal injury claims in recent years. Conflict resolution in the workplace is very important and this is exactly why.

As you can see from this range of accidents, the reality is that so many of them are very easily avoidable.

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