Police Character Certificate Form Download Rajasthan

Police Character Certificate Rajasthan: पुलिस चरित्र  प्रमाणपत्र राजस्थान फॉर्म (Police Certificate Form), Eligibility, Benefits, Which documents are required (Documents for Police Certificate Rajasthan), Where to apply, How to apply (How to Apply Online), Check Status, Police Certificate Download, Helpline Number, Portal / Website is available.

Police Character Certificate Rajasthan

A character certificate given to all the citizens of Rajasthan by the Government of Rajasthan is called Police Character Certificate. If you are a resident of Rajasthan and want to take advantage of any government job or a special type of government scheme, then you will need documents.

The Rajasthan government collects information about the character of the citizen after applying. After that Rajasthan Character Certificate is applied. If you are looking for information about Police Verification Character Certificate or Rajasthan Police Character Certificate, then stay with our article till the end, here we are going to present you with all kinds of detailed information related to it in simple words.

A Citizen character certificate is an essential document that is verified by the local police. Before the presentation of this necessary document by the Rajasthan government, the local police check the character of the person and on the basis of that, the person is provided with the Rajasthan Citizen Character Certificate.

Police Character Certificate Form Download

S.R. Name of Form Download Link
01. निजी चरित्र सत्यापन का फॉर्म (Download Police Character Certificate Rajasthan) Click Here
02. घरेलु नोकर का पुलिस चरित्र सत्यापन का फॉर्म (Download Application for Tenant Verification Rajasthan) Click Here
03. किरायेदार के पुलिस चरित्र सत्यापन का फॉर्म (Download Application for Servant Verification Rajasthan) Click Here

Benefits of a Police Character Certificate

  • A character certificate is required while applying for state and central government jobs.
  • A character certificate is required while applying for a job in a big company.
  • The character certificate has to be submitted while getting admission to a reputed college or university.
  • In army recruitment and police recruitment, you have to submit your character certificate or police certificate.

Documents required to get Police Character Certificate

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration Card / Jan Aadhar Card / Driving License / Passport / Voter ID Card*
  • Passport size photo*
  • Mention the police station area in which the applicant has lived during the period of residence up to the last 10 years.
  • Correct information of current address and permanent address
  • Must have a minimum residency period of 1 year or more

Procedure to get Police Character Certificate

You can apply for Police Character Certificate online, its information is listed below, follow the given instructions in order –

  1. To get a Rajasthan character certificate or police certificate, first of all, you have to go to an e-friend in your area.
  2. After that apply for Police Character Certificate, submitting all your required documents.
  3. Your Police Character Certificate Application Form will be filled out by the shop’s email and it will be sent for verification at the police post of your locality.
  4. After the verification process is completed, the applicant will be sent to the office of the District Police Chief.

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