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What to do after a Hartford Car Accident

Car accidents can be terrifying, especially when it is your first time being involved in one. In a flash, you find yourself surrounded by smoke and broken glass. Things move so fast after an accident that you won’t know what to do next. Since you are dazed, it might be hard to focus on what to do.

Let us look at a few steps you need to take charge of the situation.

Step 1: Find Out if Anyone is Injured

While you might love your car and you wouldn’t want to see it damaged, this shouldn’t be your priority. The most important factor to consider immediately after an accident is whether anyone has been injured or not.

With this in mind, it is crucial to note that most car crash injuries don’t manifest immediately. You might feel fine, yet you are seriously injured. For injuries that manifest immediately, make sure to call 911 immediately.

Step 2: Call the Police

The call you make to the police is essential because it helps you in many ways. First, the police help takes control of the situation so that you can focus on getting treatment. Secondly, the police come up with a report that is invaluable in proving that the incident happened as you narrate it.

When the police arrive, describe what happened using as many details as possible.

Step 3: Gather Information about the Parties Involved

After the crash, make sure you get the drivers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. Even in a scenario where several cars have been involved, it is necessary to get all the information for each driver.

Failure to get the information might prove costly later on when you have to prove negligence.

Step 4: Get Information about the Cars Involved

Get the information about the cars that have been involved in the crash. This includes the license plate numbers, vehicle identification numbers, and registration numbers. If possible, ask for physical copies of the registration and the identification numbers.

Step 5: Get Contact Information for Eyewitnesses

After filing the claim, it reaches a point where you need someone to validate the information you have provided. You can opt for eyewitnesses and expert witnesses. Eyewitness statements can help in proving fault in a personal injury claim. You can get the witness information by taking a photo of their driver’s license using your smartphone camera.

Step 6: Document the Accident Scene

To get compensated in a personal injury claim, a Hartford car accident attorney must prove that the other driver was at fault. One of the best ways to do this is to provide video and photo evidence.

Taking photos and videos helps show what happened and proves the percentage of fault that each individual shares.

Take photos of the damage to the vehicles, physical injuries, and damage to property. Take photos that show the climate at that moment as well. Once done, upload the photo to a cloud storage service so that they are safe in the event your phone gets spoilt or lost.

Once you identify the right attorney to help with your claim, turn the images and videos to him for preservation. Don’t upload any images or videos to social platforms.

You Need a Hartford Car Accident Attorney Early Enough

Call your lawyer the moment you get involved in an accident. The lawyer advises you on what to do and helps keep you in check. He makes sure you file the claim early enough to beat the deadline as stipulated in the statute of limitations.

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