10 Supply Chain Management Careers That Are Shaping The Future

Supply chain management entails a broad range of activities the flow of products from the initial sourcing to their creation via distribution. Supply chain systems are highly complex that entirely depend on the role played by the employees.

This is the reason behind supply chain management calling for a variety of professionals to manage its various levels!

10 Supply Chain Management Careers That Are Shaping The Future

10 supply chain management careers that are shaping the future

In this blog, we will talk about the 10 of the top job profiles that you can prefer after qualifying MBA in supply chain management.

1. Chief supply chain management officer

This is considered the supply chain’s top leadership role. As a division head, you are expected to demonstrate proficiency in implementing supply chain management ideas and practices procedures.

2. Vice president, supply chain management

Besides integrating systems optimization, as a vice president, the primary role is to develop supply chain management strategies. The goal is to meet the business’s performance objectives. You will be responsible for finding innovative ways to solve problems in areas such as demand planning and inventory control.

3. Purchasing manager

When playing the role of a purchasing manager you are likely to get involved in every facet of a company’s operations. From strategic planning to negotiating major purchase contracts, the goal is to forecast and reduce purchasing costs.

4. Logistics manager

The role of a logistics manager revolves around the enhancement of product workflow and inventory control. You must ensure that the customers get their products on time! Be it supervising materials movement or hiring and training subordinate members. Expect to juggle a lot of activities.

5. Supply chain manager

To grab this position, you must get in tune with the company’s overall supply chain and logistics operations. Increasing efficiency and productivity should be your mantra!

6. Production manager

The position of a production manager will make you accountable for planning and ensuring accomplished production processes on budget and on time. This may also include adhering to health and safety guidelines in the areas of quality control and safety, for example.

7. Global commodity manager

A senior position as this mostly engages in coordinating the procurement strategy that go-between various manufacturers and suppliers. To succeed in this position, you must possess a foundational understanding of the company’s global and strategic procurement policy.

8. Facilities manager

This title is set in place to monitor facilities and property maintenance. Keeping in mind government regulations and environmental, health, and security standards.

9. Strategic sourcing manager

Once you take up this role your only motto is to promote cost-effectiveness with competitiveness and profitability. Be confident while presenting recommendations to stakeholders for approval.

10. Procurement manager

This unique role acts as a point of contact between a business and its suppliers. Recruiters look out for analytical skills and negotiating abilities when evaluating possible candidates to take up this role.

A Master of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management will familiarize you with all the elements of the supply chain system. This type of management training will educate you about the factors related to how brand items are stored and transported throughout their lifecycle. Enquire about the MBA program now and take a step closer to be part of the largest business industry on the face of our planet!

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