5 Ways to Reduce Your Household’s Energy Use

There are many methods of reducing your household’s energy use. Below are five ways to save energy and reduce the energy cost in your home and reduce Electricity comparison.

  1. Adjust your daily routine

Sometimes reducing your household’s energy consumption does not necessarily require the purchase of efficient and energy-saving appliances. It comes down to some simple measures which can help reduce energy consumption by a higher percentage.

These measures include turning off appliances when they are not in use, turning off lights when you do not need them, manually performing household tasks such as laundry and cleaning the dishes.

You can also turn down the thermostat heat and use the air conditioner less frequently to save energy in your household, thereby saving money as well.

  1. Use natural lights

Most of the energy consumed in households is usually used for lighting. One way of saving energy is using natural light from the sun during the day. Ensure you switch off all the lights in the house during the day as there is natural light from outside.

To ensure maximum exploitation of the natural light, it is advisable to have windows facing the North and the South. This maximizes the light getting into the house and reduces the harsh winter conditions inside the house.

The arrangement of the windows also ensures heat travels well in the house. Therefore, there will be minimum or no use of the heating and cooling appliances in the household, and reduce the Electricity comparison index on the grid.

  1. Buy appliances with good energy ratings and efficiency

Household appliances account for approximately 18 percent of all the energy consumed. Hence, it is of paramount importance to purchase devices that have a good energy rating and are also efficient.

Energy-efficient appliances consume less energy compared to standard devices. In this case, energy efficiency differs from one instrument to the other. For example, energy-saving washing machines consume more power than energy-saving refrigerators.

As much as you may want to rely solely on appliances at home, to save on energy consumption, some tasks could be performed manually.

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  1. Use more green power

Green power refers to power or energy from natural resources such as the wind and sun. Solar and wind energy are the most reliable for saving on energy consumption and cost. They are all renewable sources of energy.

These two have a more comprehensive range of use, such as lighting where LED bulbs can be used in place of the filament bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Remember, solar energy is free, and the only costs you may incur are only in purchasing solar and wind energy appliances.

  1. Maintenance of household appliances

Keeping all your appliances in good condition can help reduce energy wastage in more ways than one. Faulty devices mostly leak energy through faulty cables, among other things.

Leakages are not always the problem. Some appliances like fridges and freezers tend to consume much more energy than expected when they are not in good condition as it will always take a long time to cool the compartments in each of them.

Also, ensure that none of your appliances get overheated since a lot of the energy will be lost in heat energy from the devices. It is also advisable to upgrade your appliances or replace them from time to time to avoid energy loss.

Final thoughts

Energy-saving measures help to cut the cost and save money in your home and more so reduce the Electricity comparison index. Living an energy-conscious life enables you to enjoy life at a small price, considering most money is usually spent on energy. Thus, saving energy helps you save more.

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