The 10 Amazing Japanese Dramas That You Must Watch

Japanese dramas may be entertaining, touching, or humorous at times.

In some circumstances, they are all wrapped into one!

I’ve seen more Japanese drama TV series than I should, and now I’ll share 20 of my favorites. In order to be fluent in the Japanese language, it is crucial that you join the best Japanese classes.

These J-dramas will take you on crazy excursions you never knew you wanted to experience, from fighting for your life in another universe to gambling for a seat among the school elite.

  1. “Midnight Diner “

Summary: The touching stories of people from all walks of life who are lured to a late-night diner.

If you’re late for work, you can end up in this modest diner.

It is open at strange hours—from midnight to dawn—and the menu is limited to four items: three types of booze and one soup.

However, the proprietor will prepare whatever food you want. That is his policy.

The plot of “Midnight Diner” is about a lovely small cafe and the lost souls who walk through it. Each episode introduces a new client and a new tale, each of which is heartwarming, hilarious, or shocking.

You may also recreate the foods shown on this program using Just One Cookbook, my favorite Japanese recipe website.

  1. “Terrace House”

A reality program in which six strangers live together in a home, emphasizing aesthetics rather than drama.

Whereas American reality programs try to spark drama and dwell on it with the zeal of a rubbernecker, the Japanese reality show “Terrace House” adopts a far more understated approach.

The show examines the interactions of three women and three men in a house throughout the season. It differs from the reality program model in that all participants are free to come and leave as they like.

The show itself is stunning, with breathtaking vistas and tranquil silences and a wide range of genuine exchanges amongst housemates. If that’s your vibe, you’ll be glad to hear that there are various reasons to choose from.

Episodes: The initial series had 46 episodes, and several series followed.

The show premiered in 2021.

  1. ” Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo “

An unusual relationship blooms when a dim-witted girl and a boy who loves intelligence are forced to live together.

Kotoko Aihara isn’t exceptionally bright. What she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for with spirit!

When she falls in love with the smartest kid in her school, Naoki Irie, it’s not quite a match made in heaven.

Kotoko is severely rejected when she finally admits her affections. As Naoki says, he doesn’t spend his time on “stupid ladies,” as Naoki says.

Soon later, Kotoko’s family is displaced by accident. They move in with some of her father’s childhood friends—and surprise! It’s Naoki’s place. As you would expect, a slew of (mostly healthy) hijinks occur.

This charming narrative is about maturation and the formation of relationships. And, while Kotoko might be a little annoying, you (like Naoki) can’t help but adore her!

  1. Atelier

Summary: An intimate look at the lingerie industry as seen through the eyes of a newcomer.

In Japanese, the term “Atelier” translates to “Underwear.” That is the central theme of this coming-of-age play.

Mayuko is a recent college graduate with high goals but no idea what to do next. She has a flair for fabric and design, and she works at a high-end lingerie store. She struggles with her complicated relationship with her demanding employer and learns what it takes to succeed in business.

This visually magnificent concert is about personal development, inner beauty, and finding one’s place in the world. See the world of Haute underwear as you’ve never seen it before!

  1. The song “Angel Heart”

A noir action drama in which a bizarre event transfers the memory of a deceased cop into the body of an assassin.

Kaori Makimura and Xiang-Ying are on opposing sides of the law until their lives become irrevocably entwined.

Kaori (a police investigator) is killed in a rare accident. At the same time, Xiang-Ying (an assassin) attempts suicide but is saved owing to a new heart— Kaori’s.

Xiang-Ying can now recall both her own and Kaori’s memories. She’s determined to make the most of her new existence. She ends herself at the side of Kaori’s heartbroken fiancé, Ryo Saeba. But the two quickly find themselves in a fight for their survival.

This drama is packed with action, noir themes, humor, and touching moments.

  1. “The Good Morning Call”

A guy and a girl are compelled to live together and keep their arrangement hidden from others due to a mix-up. Nao Yoshikawa is living her fantasy! When her parents return to their rural property, she finally gets her apartment.

But she isn’t completely alone. She learns that she will be sharing an apartment with Hisashi Uehara, a famous (and beautiful) boy from her class. Of course, they must keep their agreement a secret.

Nao first perceives Hisashi as distant and self-centered. But as they get to know each other, she grows fond of him. Nao’s emotions bloom as she deals with scams, bullying, love triangles, and other antics.

“Good Morning Call” is all a romantic comedy J-drama could wish.

  1. “Eliminated”

A young guy travels back in time to solve his mother’s murder.

Satoru Fujinuma can travel back in time and prevent awful events from occurring. But at what price?

Satoru is confident that his mother’s murder resulted from a serial killer. Determined to reclaim her, he travels 18 years in the past to prevent a string of child murders.

Of course, time travel is never straightforward. Every action has repercussions.

Will Satoru succeed in saving everyone? How is his mother’s death linked to a string of murders over two decades ago? Binge-watch this captivating J-drama to find out!

  1. “Coffee and Vanilla”

drama in japan

The spicy tale of a young submissive woman who is taken under the wing of a confident, much older guy.

Shiroki Risa is a bashful (yet stunning) college student. She draws a lot of male attention but has no idea what to do with it.

However, when the much older Hiroto Fukami protects her from an aggressive suitor, the two fall in love at first sight. And it quickly becomes hot. You have been forewarned!

Risa’s introverted personality makes her a target for hateful guys even as the Romance deepens. If you dislike the dynamic of a defenseless female continuously having to be saved, you should probably avoid this one.

“Coffee & Vanilla” is the drama for you if you prefer a romance that doesn’t tempt you with “will they or won’t they” plotlines.

  1. “Joe the Massage Detective”

The absurd story of an unintentional murder-solving massage therapist.

Sherlock Holmes utilized his acute deductive abilities to solve puzzles.

Joe, a massage therapist, solves murders through… massage.

Joe only needs to discover the right pressure areas, and then wham! The case is closed.

And killings seem to follow Joe around, so he keeps being drawn into investigations despite his best attempts. When the spouse of one of Joe’s clients dies, all signs lead to Joe. Joe, how are you going to massage your way out of this one?

This program isn’t serious about itself. It’s a lot of ridiculous fun, with absurd circumstances and performances. Don’t skip the end credits if you want to see a ludicrous (but curiously captivating) dancing performance.

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  1. “See you after school”

drama in japan

A forbidden drama about a 25-year-old instructor and her 15-year-old student’s Romance.

Hijiri Suenaga and Akira Kuroiwa are in a relationship. She’s a 25-year-old instructor, and he’s her 15-year-old student.

Meanwhile, Hijiri is engaged to a prosperous businessman, and Akira has a fan among his classmates. Will these star-crossed lovers find a way out of their situation?

This program might have taken many other paths, but it opted to present the narrative without romanticizing the relationship. It delves into the inner pain and societal ramifications of a love that is, at best, forbidden and, at worst, abuse of power.

So put your instincts aside and give this show a chance. It may surprise you how hard it hits you.

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