AWS Career Path and scope in 2023

AWS Career Path and scope: Cloud computing services are the talk of the town, today, most businesses have already shifted to the cloud, and those left are on the verge of doing it. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leader in terms of cloud computing because of the vast number of services it provides. Due to this reason, there is always a huge demand for AWS professionals. The AWS Solution Architect certification course is the first step in getting started with the AWS cloud journey. 

As an AWS Developer, you will create AWS-based solutions. You’ll develop software that runs on the AWS platform and is deployed in apps and services.

When you choose the AWS career path, you will be expected to be able to test, protect, manage, and support your creations to ensure they are always working at optimal performance levels.

Why should you choose AWS?

There are many reasons which make AWS a better choice than other cloud service providers, let’s hover over each one of them one by one below.

  • The most popular cloud platform – AWS is unquestionably the market leader when it comes to public cloud services globally. In the context of public clouds, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the major subsets. According to Statista data, AWS presently owns more than 33% of the market share in this area alone. This proportion is nearly equal to the combined market share held by Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.
  • Services and Features – Being a more established player in the market than its rivals, AWS has expanded the services it offers. And, as a result, of their extensive experience, they are by far the most functionally rich in the business.
  • While Azure offers over 100 services, and GCP about 60, AWS offers over 200 services.
  • Easy to use – Application providers, vendors, and independent software vendors (ISVs) can host their apps quickly and securely using AWS. A SaaS-based application or an already-existing application can both be used. Users can also have access to AWS’s application hosting platform through the AWS Management Console or well-documented web services.
  • There is always a high demand for AWS professionals – AWS-related skills are required in 60% of high-demand cloud computing job postings. The most in-demand skills list has included AWS since 2015. AWS significance is expected to expand in the future.

Top AWS career paths

People with AWS skills have numerous work possibilities and career pathways available to them. Let’s look at a few of them.

  • AWS Solutions Architect – An AWS Solutions Architect creates, builds, deploys, and supports business applications and essential infrastructure within the AWS Cloud.
    • In order to design and create cutting-edge cloud-based solutions and move current workloads to the cloud, they have the required skills and knowledge.
    • Salary ranges from US $130,883 – US $150,000 depending on experience.
  • AWS Certified Developer- Configuring, upkeep, and expansion of the cloud infrastructure for web applications are the responsibilities of an AWS developer. AWS developers must understand the core AWS services and adhere to security and scalability best practices.
    • Salary falls around US $130,272 per year.
  • AWS DevOps Engineer- As a DevOps Engineer, your duties will include implementing cloud-based application solutions as well as taking part in technical research and development to support ongoing innovation in the DevOps industry. Utilize scalable, resilient, and secure public cloud technologies, particularly AWS.
    • AWS DevOps engineers can expect to earn up to US $137,724 per annum.
  • AWS SysOps Administrator – They are primarily in charge of deploying, administering, and running various essential systems on the AWS platform. Additionally, these experts are in charge of managing and maintaining the AWS infrastructure for their companies. They also optimize company costs and manage associated expenditures.
    • The pay scale for AWS SysOps Administrator can reach up to US $130,610 per year.
  • AWS System Integrator – The job of an AWS system integrator is to help the clients of the concerned company discover AWS in the most effective manner.
    • They explain to clients/customers how AWS digitization can benefit their business. Additionally, they are expected to effectively utilize cloud platforms to assist clients in transforming particular business areas. The work of an AWS system integrator is critical in terms of helping customers/clients understand how they may improve their services through digital transformation.
    • The salary received by AWS System Integrator is around US $81,000 each year.

Future scope of AWS

AWS is one of the most successful cloud computing platforms in the modern IT sector. Anyone interested in beginning an AWS career now will be a highly appealing choice in the future.

In the next five to six years, it’s predicted, there won’t be any physical servers for any web applications; instead, everything will move to a particular cloud environment. A job in AWS is always the finest alternative for picking a cloud environment with complete iconic features at an affordable rate.

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