Cinema Management Software

Cinema Management Software – Stepping into the cinema world, there’s a tool that’s changing the game – Ticket CRM Cinema. This innovative cinema sales CRM is revolutionizing ticket sales management, creating a seamless experience for customers and managers. Here’s how it works.

Cinema Management Software
Cinema Management Software

Real-Time Sales and Management

Synchronizing sales across different platforms is now simple with TicketCRM. It prevents double booking and maximizes ticket availability, resulting in increased sales. It also simplifies the daunting task of planning movie schedules. With efficient tools, managers can export multiple sessions faster.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Apart from sales and scheduling, TicketCRM enhances the customer journey. It offers a unique 3D visualization feature. Customers can virtually explore seats before making a purchase, leading to a better buying experience.

Targeted Communication and Entry Control

Understanding diverse customer preferences is easy with TicketCRM. It allows effective communication with over 20 filters for precise customer segmentation. Notifications about schedule changes become targeted and more efficient. Managing multiple entry points is also simplified. The system tracks scanned tickets and guides visitors to the correct gate.

Promotions and Team Management

TicketCRM allows easy planning of promotions and discounts. Custom gift certificates can also be created to boost customer satisfaction. The system aids effective team management with the creation of unlimited users, roles, and access rights.

Dashboard, Data, and Order Management

TicketCRM’s Personal Dashboard lets managers handle all their organization’s data. It helps in recalculating order costs, applying promo codes, and managing refunds. In-depth customer insights can be gained by sorting data through various filters.

Cash Register Configuration and Event Control

With the Box Office module, TicketCRM enables setting up the required number of cash registers. The system also controls ticket prices and manages ticket flow effectively, providing entry statistics and working with barcodes for each event.

Advertising and Discount Campaigns

Effective advertising campaigns are within reach using customer page subscription data. Automated e-mail or SMS campaigns can be run to reach wider audiences. Promotional or automatic discount campaigns can be easily created in the Promotions module.

Season Passes and Venue Management

Offering multiple event attendance with one purchase is possible with the Season passes module. TicketCRM Venues module allows managers to create new events and manage existing ones with the added bonus of a 3D-venue representation.

Entry Control and Sales Widget Customization

After each event entry control statistics can be reviewed to evaluate the system’s effectiveness. Additionally, TicketCRM’s Widget module allows customization of the ticket sales widget, leading to personalized marketing e-mail content and ticket design templates.

TicketCRM offers a comprehensive solution for managing your cinema business. From ticket sales to customer communication, from schedule management to advertising campaigns – it covers all areas effectively. It’s time to step into the future of cinema management with TicketCRM.

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