How to Download Jan Aadhaar | Rajasthan Jan Aadhar Download

How to Download Jan Aadhar: Here you will find the full details about how to download Jan Aadhaar Card from your mobile at home.

Friends as you know, The ambitious Bhamashah scheme was started in Rajasthan during the Vasundhara government But, as the government changes in Rajasthan, the new Gehlot government has brought Jan Aadhar scheme in place of Bhamashah. Now Jan Aadhar Card has been issued in place of Bhamashah in Rajasthan.

Important Information- There is no need to make Jan Aadhar card for those who have made the Bhamashah card.

But they will have to download their Jan Aadhar card again because your Jan Aadhar card has been issued by the government along with your Bhamashah information. The only difference is that the numbers on this card have been changed and the name has been changed to Jan Aadhar card.

How to Download Jan Aadhaar?

  • To Download Jan Aadhar, first, go to the play store and type Jan Aadhaar.


  • Once the Jan Aadhar application is open, install it on your mobile.
  • After installing, the interface given below will be in front of you.

Jan Aadhaar Download

  • After that, you click on Get Jan-Aadhaar ID, after clicking on Get Jan-Aadhaar ID, the interface is given below will open in front of you.
  • After this, you put your Aadhaar card in the Aadhaar card option and click on Get Family Member List.
  • After clicking on getting Family Member List, the list of the members who are already in your Bhamashah will be opened in front of you, and all the members will see the last 4 digits of their mobile number.


  • Click on the mobile number given in front of any of these members, after clicking, an OTP will appear on your mobile, which you have to fill in the box below and click on verify.



  • As soon as you click on verify, your Family Jan Aadhaar id will be shown in front of you. Note down this Family Jan Aadhaar id.


  • After this, come back to the main page of the Jan Aadhaar application. After coming to the main page, click on Get E-Card.

jan-aadhaar-download-from mobile

Download Jan Aadhaar

  • After clicking on getting E-Card, place your Jan Aadhaar id in place of Jan Aadhaar id. After applying Jan Aadhaar id, click on Get Family Member List.
  • After clicking on getting Family Member List in front of you, the member who is already in your Jan Aadhaar. Their list will open, and the last 4 digits of their mobile number will be seen in front of all the members.
  • Click on the mobile number given in front of any of these members. After clicking, an OTP will come to your mobile which you have to fill in the box below.
  • And you have to click on verify, your Jan Aadhaar will be downloaded as soon as you click on verify. Now you can get a printout of your Jan Aadhaar from the nearest e-Mitra.


Frequently asked questions about Download Jan Aadhaar Card are given below.

Question. How can I get my Jan Aadhar Card made?

Answer. You can get your Jan Aadhaar card made at the nearest Atal Seva Kendra or by visiting the nearest eMitra.

Question. Those whose Bhamashah have already been made, do they also need to make Jan Aadhar card?

Answer. – There is no need to make Jan Aadhar card for those who have already made the Bhamashah card because only your Jan Aadhar card will be issued after taking complete information of the Bhamashah card.

Question. If the government is issuing Jan Aadhar card only after taking complete information on Bhamashah Card, then why would I need Jan Aadhar?

Answer. Because the Bhamashah card will no longer be of any use, that is because the numbers of Bhamashah are being removed from the database, the complete information in Jan Aadhar card will remain Bhamashah, instead of only Bhamashah number, ten-digit (1234567890) number will be issued. |

Question. What should I do if no member has been added to my Bhamashah card?

Answer. Now you can add any member to your Jan Aadhar Card.

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