Georgia Contractor Exam Prep And Requirements For License Renewal

The state of Georgia enacted laws requiring all contractors to get a license before bidding for a project. Every two years contractors are required to renew their license. At Rockcert we offer flexible courses that assist all contractors in excelling in their exams. Our Georgia Contractor Exam Prep packages are designed to guarantee to pass your exam by the first attempt.

Since every two years the state of Georgia requires contractors to renew their licenses by adding hours to their profile, we have packages for this purpose. You do not have to go through the trouble of finding a reliable partner in the journey to renew your license. All our packages are backed by the no pass no pay guarantee to ensure you get value for your money.

Continuing Education for Residential Basic

Contractors under this category are needed to undergo 6 hours of continuing education before being granted a license renewal. 3 hours need to be completed on an online platform while the rest to be done in a classroom. We have a package for Georgia Residential basic contractors that are flexible to suit their busy schedules.

How to renew a license for the basic residential contractor

Licenses under this category expire on the 30th of June after seven years.

  • Get a continuing education package
  • Complete the 6 hours of training
  • Get a certificate after training
  • Begin the license renewal process

Mandatory topics for license renewal

  • Training on how to keep your workplace secure
  • Compensation of workers
  • Updates on the legislative, legal, and updates
  • Building codes
  • Recent building technology and techniques codes

Continuing education for an electrician

If you are a holder of an electrician contractor license in Georgia, you are eligible to renew it every 2 years. The renewal needs you to complete 8 hours of continuing education.

Topics for license renewal

  • 4 hours of mandatory training on the code of changes for the 2014 and 2017 national electrical framework
  • 4 hours of business management, business law, and insurance

Continuing education for plumbing contractors

The state of Georgia requires all plumbing contractors to complete 8 hours of continuing education before license renewal. 4 hours need to be completed in one year. Those holding a master and Journeyman license in plumbing should complete 4hours of training in one year.

License renewal for conditioned air contractor

Contractors under this category needed to undergo continuing education every two years. 8 hours of training is required and we offer you the best package under this category.

Requirements for license renewal for conditioned air contractor

  • 4 hours training on code of changes covering 2012 international fuel gas codes and 2012 international mechanical framework
  • 4 hours of business management skills

Continuing education for light commercial residential license

Contractors under this category have to renew their licenses every two years. 12 hours of continuing education is needed for the board to approve license renewal. 6 hours have on an online platform and the rest under a classroom.

Subjects’ contractors must cover for license renewal

  • Codes on workers’ salary
  • Building and other related codes
  • Training on the regulatory, legal, and legislative codes
  • Workplace safety
  • Training on recent building technologies and techniques

When the time for license renewal draws near, remember to contact Rockcert for a smooth continuing education process.

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