How AssureShift is Helping in Jobs in the Relocation Sector

AssureShift is Helping in Jobs in the Relocation Sector: People in India initially didn’t take up home shiting services from others, they managed everything on their own, due to trust issues and extra expenses as well. However, this notion was proved wrong as people ended up investing more in packing materials, damage of valuables as it is impossible to pack huge household goods like an expert.

Packing beds, wardrobes, dining table, chairs, AC, TV, refrigerator, etc needs expert hands and proper knowledge which the general public lacked. Also as the public was being cheated by fraud companies, it made it difficult for trustworthy packers and movers to sustain in the market.

How AssureShift is Helping in Jobs in the Relocation Sector

How AssureShift is Helping in Jobs in the Relocation SectorAsureShift, a packers and movers referral portal website, that helps in providing the best house shifting services in India.  Team AssureShift has been working day in and out to line up things that will help the public in hiring the best shifting services like home shifting, car/bike transportation, office relocation, cargo shipping, and so on.

AssureShift was founded in 2016, aiming to streamline the moving industry in India, which to some extent exploited the public by suddenly increasing the rates, mishandling or careless packing and moving, delayed delivery, etc. To help people with genuine packers and movers and to hire the best fit was the need of the hour.  As AssureShift started the conceptualization of making a referral portal that gives open access to both the customer and the provider.

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AssureShift lent a helping hand to the moving and packing companies by partnering with them. Our team personally reached out to the relocation companies, verified their company details, like GSTIN documents, authorization paper from Govt. of India, registration documents, owner’s proof, and their office address as well. We also check with their past customers to ensure they provide good services to them. This is how after proper verification, we created our own network of packers and movers who intended to offer the best services to the public.

As we partner with the companies, we promote the moving companies on our website, so that the customers can hire them if they suit the best for their requirement.  And the entire idea helps in giving digital exposure to the packers and movers and to reach out to customers and earn bread as they deserve. Initially, AssureShift started its services from Bangalore and gained a positive response from the people in the very first three months, we expanded our services to other metro cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. and currently serving 21 cities in India. The balance between the company and the relocation companies has been great since then. There are various companies that started with their business through AssureShift and are doing great to date. Approximately we have created a network of around 600-700 moving companies who are associated with us and by God’s grace they have grown out to be stable and financially well!

The improvisation and development in the relocation industry have increased the availability of jobs among all levels starting from movers, packers, drivers, managers, digital marketers, etc.

With all positivity, we intend to grow and spread our network all over India and help out the struggling moving companies making a firm stand in the industry. Reaching out to each and every corner of India and help the customers in hiring genuine and trustworthy packers and movers for stress-free moving.  Recently we have started our services in Patna so now hiring verified packers and movers Patna will be so easy to our customers.

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