How to Heat a Tent Without Electricity?

When most campers are asked what is the best way to heat a winter tent, it will be determined by an electric or gas heater. When I was asking how to heat a tent without power, the heater was the first thing I thought of. I have noticed that I am very concerned about the safety hazards of using a petrol or propane heater in a winter tent.

Even if you are camping with all safety gear but you have no plan to warm your camp on a cold night then it can ruin a winter camping trip. However, you can bring a power generator but it can be quite expensive and louder. Moreover, if you are a solo camper it can be heavier for you.

That’s why in this article I tried to find the best easy and cheap ways to keep your tent warm even on cold nights. These are the cheap and proven methods driven from multiple adventures while spending the nights in the winter night. Following these tips, you’ll find a tip to prepare your camp for winter.

Most effective ways to heat a tent

No problem if the weather is colder than expected or you find a portable heater expensive. Colder nights become one of the most memorable nights if you have a proper plan to heat up your tent. There are still some tips that are cheaper and will warm your tent as a heater can, without electricity.

Cover the camping tent 

Usually, the camping tents are not big enough. One of the best and easy ways to keep your tent warm is to cover the tent with a waterproof sheet, blanket, or any fabric and plastic sheet. One thing that you need to ensure is that the covering material shouldn’t be heavy enough that your tent is buried under it.

You can use a plastic sheet for this purpose as it has several advantages such as being water-resistant if it is raining at night, and it is windproof which will block the air from your tent.

Close the Windows and Doors

One of the most common ways to keep your tent warm is to close your windows and doors. In case if you forgot to bring any gear to heat your tent then definitely you know what will you do to keep the tent warm. Closing the windows and doors will at least make your tent windproof, and your body temperature will help to warm the environment.

Use Hot Water Bottle

If you have a fire source and a kettle with your gears, the easiest way to keep your tent warm is to use a hot water bottle. Fixing a hot water bottle is a quick solution to heat a tent without a device. The method can work better if you have an insulated tent. However, this method is also safe.

Its process is very simple. First of all, you need to select a water bottle that can resist hot water. Having a metal bottle with a single wall can be suitable for this. Use your kettle to boil the water then fill the bottle carefully. Keep this bottle in your sleeping bag or towel. The hot water bottle will stay warm for a long time and also prevent any accidental burn if you touch it.

Tent safe heater

Consider the title, I’m talking about a tent safe heater, no heater you can find in your home. This is because most tents are not large or their material does not help them absorb heat into the walls.

Usually while sleeping we close the heater, and heat transfers to the surrounding of the room to keep it warm. Unfortunately in this case we may unable to shut off the heater because tent walls are not thick enough to possess the heat in the tent. So we need to run the heater throughout the night.

Heat some Stones or Rocks

Getting a metal bottle in a bag can be overwhelming. Then some of the rocks or stones that you can find near your campsite will work better. If you set fire to the under the camp, it may be a little dangerous to heat the tent with rocks or stones.

But, this will work if you set up a campfire. Find out some rocks and stones that are solid and hard enough to withstand direct heat. Keep the stones on fire until you are ready to sleep. Allow the stones to cool slightly. Use sticks to safely remove rocks from the fire. You can also use solid, plastic-free stuff to collect the stones. Thick wool gloves for this job can be suitable.

After collecting the stones from the fire, keep them on the ground in a safe place. Make sure they don’t burn your tent or any of your belongings. If cool enough, you can bury them in your sleeping bag. I hope this method will work better to reduce cold in your tent.

Moisture Absorber

Camping in the winter, and spending the night in a tent, the first thing we see in the morning is that our tent is fully moisturized. To keep your tent dry all night you need a portable moister absorber that reduces the humidity within the tent.

The moisture absorbers are very cheap and reliable to keep your tent out of wet.

Do light exercises – conduction/ convection/ radiation

You may be thinking what is the science behind conduction, convection, and radiation. Well, the human body can transfer heat in three different ways. But the question is how we transfer heat in all three terms while we do exercises.

Here is my little question, did you observe when we do exercise like jumping or running at the spot, we feel the heat going through our body?

The reason is when we exercise contract and extend our muscles which produce heat in our body, and the produced heat transfer to the surrounding tissues. In this scenario, our heart pumps blood into our body which stimulates the tissues with warm fluid. This process is called Conduction.

After exercise, our body releases wet hormones in the shape of the liquid. The liquid is turned into gas and spread in the surrounding air. Hence, the fresh warm gas remains in the tent that helps to increase the temperature. This process is called Convention.

Finally, our skin electromagnetically transfers heat to the air. This warms the surrounding air. And this process is called Radiation.

Although it’s not a full night working method because you can’t exercise throughout the time if you’re shivering then you can apply this method for a while.

Low-temperature sleeping bag – traps heat

Covering your body with a cloth is not enough to prevent your body from running cold. However, it may help a little bit. But we need a completely warm environment to enjoy the night. Here is the time when sleeping bags comes in part. A sleeping bag is a perfect gear to keep the environment warm, as it maintains the heat created by your body.

Make sure the sleeping bag is not leaking and wet. Moreover while purchasing a sleeping bag ensure that it’s waterproof because in winter things get wet because of dew.

Candle Heaters

Candle heaters are designed to provide the perfect heat in your camping tent. These are safe and covered completely which ensures that these are good to keep in the tent. One of the safest ways to stay warm is to stay outside from the cold.

These are safe and practical with no flame that gives you more confidence to stay in the tent. Comparing to electric heaters or gas heaters, these heaters are much cheaper and reliable for tent camping. Unlike traditional candles, these heaters don’t spread smoke.

Since you are using a candle heater you don’t need to worry about the lifespan of your candle. Another benefit of the candle heater is even if you don’t have any source of light, a candle heater is enough to keep your tent glow all night.

What Is The Best Way To Heat A Tent?

Camping in winter has a great challenge for campers as you need to carry extra gear in your backpack. You need to carry a blanket, camp sheets, or other gears that can protect you from cold weather. All these things will add more weight to your backpack. Rather than carrying all these heavy items, you can find easy ways to heat a tent.

If you have a quality insulated bag then taking a zero-degree sleeping bag can be the right choice. An extra liner can also warm your bed while sleeping. If you have a mattress then replace it sleeping pad because a sleeping pad gives you more heat. Sleeping pads are fully insulated with providing you heat against tough cold temperatures.

It’s not a stamp that you can only use a sleeping pad instead of a mattress. You can also use a sleeping pad above the mattress.

You can also use a heater that is safe for tent camping. But make sure you not keeping them running all night as it can be harmful. However, if you find a candle heater it can be safer than any other. The best suggestion is to start your heater one hour before sleeping this will be enough to keep your tent warm.

Heating blankets are not only emergency camping equipment, but you can also use these resources to get to you quickly. Can be used to reflect heat from a catalytic heater. This can be done by tapping the blanket on the shelter of your tent. The process enables you to remove heat directly.

Another way to warm your tent and keep you warm is layering clothes. Wear warm and thick dresses as well as clean and dry socks. Even the slightest moisture on a fabric that touches your skin can cause a lot of heat damage during the night. Wearing the socks inside a sleeping pad can provide you more heat.

Another way to heat your camping tent is to use hot coals. The simple way is to separate some rocks of coal, let them cool for a while, and wrap them into a towel or in the middle of your camping tent. This will help to keep the temperature warm all night.

This can be a difficult part but you also need to keep good air inside your tent to avoid getting misty and damp. This is due to your body temperature and breathing which can be damp from the inside.

How to Make DIY Heater at Home

Are you looking for an easy way to make a DIY heater at home that is safe and reliable? Let’s take a look at how can we get effective results from a DIY heater.

A warm tent always makes you more comfortable during camping no matter where you are. Either you’re camping at the home backyard or on the beach, a heater is an essential gear for winter camping. Apart from portable heater and gas heater, you can also use multiple types of equipment to make a comfortable heater.

You can use candles to make a heater at home. Simply get the idea from Youtube or Google how to make a candle heater. You can also use butanes and propane gas with complete guidelines and safety precautions.

Campers are dedicated to the wilderness with fewer resources. Making your own DIY heater brings more confidence and trust in you.


You can heat your tent safely and properly using different methods. With help of the right tools and types of equipment, you can be a professional camper no matter in which weather you are. You just need to collect the right knowledge about the gears. Suppose if you have less budget you can find a lot of budget tips and tricks for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Find the best and safe way to go camping it will make your journey more comfortable.

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