Introducing ‘Anomalia Paris,’ a New Luxury Perfumery Brand: The Beautiful World of Perfumery

If you are interested in niche perfumery, you will be aware that the market for premium scents has been rapidly rising in recent years. As more individuals become discriminating scent consumers and demand for niche fragrances grows, the perfumery sector has expanded beyond its traditional origins and broken new ground.

From the high-end raw ingredients used to create niche fragrances to the carefully curated shop environments where they are sold, perfumery has transformed our view of scented oils. One such brand at the forefront of this fragrance revolution is Anomalia Paris. With their inaugural collection, this new perfumery company is destined to shake up the world of perfumery; JARDINS HUMANISTES-70 ML and ENTRE-ACTE-70 ML are the latest releases from Anomalia Paris.

JARDINS HUMANISTES is a floral scent inspired by the splendor of the Garden of Eden. It’s made of jasmine, orange flower, and rose essences, as well as musk.



The Jardins Humanistes perfume smells of flower meadows, fresh grass, and wildflowers. It features a fresh floral opening with jasmine and rosewood notes, followed by an aromatic base of ambergris, sandalwood, and patchouli that will leave your skin smelling great all day. The bottle is constructed from recycled glass bottles that were meticulously manufactured in France by artist glass craftsmen who specialize in creating beautiful products out of recycled materials such as old wine bottle

The perfume lasts for hours on my skin, so I don’t have to reapply as frequently!

ENTRE-ACTE-70 ML 70 ml

ENTRE-ACTE-70 ML 70 ml

The ENTRE-ACTE-70 ML is a fragrance inspired by worries, nostalgia, doubt, and desire. This unisex scent was inspired by urban ruin and technology failure and is supposed to elicit feelings of uncertainty and fear. The smell is a combination of cedar and sandalwood, as well as incense notes, juniper berries, cypress, and vetiver. The ENTRE-ACTE-70 ML was inspired by urban deterioration and technology breakdown to elicit feelings of uncertainty and dread.

The Finest Scents You’ve Ever Worn:

You can’t go wrong with JARDINS HUMANISTES-70 ML or ENTRE-ACTE-70 ML because they’re both classic scents that always get noticed by other people around you when wearing them out in public places such as shops or restaurants where there are a lot of people milling about looking for something new to try out so hopefully, these two choices will give them exactly what they want without spending too much money on buying one bottle instead of just one sprayer bottle which might not be enough.


Anomalia Paris is a premium fragrance company that emphasizes the use of natural components in its products. JARDINS HUMANISTES and ENTRE-ACTE, both inspired by nature but with quite different odors, have been published.

The scents JARDINS HUMANISTES-70 ML, ENTRE-ACTE-70 ML, and BEST OF are ideal for oneself or a loved one. Each perfume comes in a lovely bottle with the Anomalia Paris twist: a top-secret combination of natural components (including flowers) produced in France by perfumers who specialize in this sort of product. The packaging is also composed of ecological resources, such as soy waxed paper packaging, cotton canvas lining (for simple washing), and aluminum foil lining (which inhibits bacteria development on the interior of each bottle!).

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