Research in High School

Research programs for high school students are becoming increasingly popular. High schools are starting to encourage their students to get involved in research at a younger age.

Having researched on a resume helps students with their college admissions chances because it demonstrates that they are able to contribute to the academic community and handle the rigor of a traditional college. However, research may seem difficult and hard to access for high school students. Luckily, there are many accessible research opportunities for high school students. Here are some of the most common subjects for high school research projects:

Computational Biology

Computational biology is a common choice for high school students looking to get involved in STEM-related research. The field is particularly suitable for high school students interested in computer science, biology, and medicine.

A computational biology is a form of biology which relies on computer simulations to test interactions between particles. These simulations are used before different molecules are tested experimentally in labs because it saves a lot of time and money. By recognizing potential drugs first using computer simulations, researchers in labs know that they are using their resources to test drugs that have potential.

Computational biology research is particularly available to high school students because it relies on computer models which they can download on their machines at home. For example, commonly known programming languages such as Python can be used for computational biology if the right libraries are installed. If a high school student is interested in computational biology research, they can look up free tutorials online to see how to get started. Unlike experimental biology research, computational biology research does not require extensive use of lab equipment, so students can complete projects at home with some computer science skills.

Computer Science

Computer science is a popular college major, so many high school students choose to learn computer programming. Beyond computer science majors, computer science is becoming a necessary skill across many disciplines. Some high school students go a step further beyond learning to code and conduct research in the field, or data science research in another field. Computer science research can take several forms.

Theoretical computer science research explores computer programming and its foundations. Data science is a research technique that is used across many fields, so students can use computer programming skills to conduct research in any field by having a data science component. This is a great way to show interest in a particular area while also demonstrating the ability to code to universities. Using computer science in research projects is also an effective way to become a better programmer.

There are many online tutorials available in computer science, but students should limit the number of tutorials they use before actually starting computer science projects. The best way to learn to code is through actual projects, including data science. Even if one doesn’t know how to do everything when they start the project, using online forums and tutorials as needed throughout the project will ensure that you are learning what you need and able to put it to use.

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