Saravanan Arul Biography, Wiki, Height, Age, Family, Wife, Income

Wiki, biography of Saravanan Arul (Legend Saravana) Age, race, spouse, parents, wealth, height, and weight: On July 10, 1970, Saravanan Arul was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Indian actor and entrepreneur Saravanan Arul is well-known in his country. He is the owner of the well-known shopping malls The Legend Saravana, Saravana Selvarathinam, and The Legend New Saravana Stores. On this page, you can find complete information about Legend Saravanan Arul’s biography, important facts, birthdays, height, age, family details, weight, and much more.

Saravanan Arul Wiki

Saravanan Arul Biography, Wiki, Height, Age, Family, Wife, Income
Saravanan Arul Biography, Wiki, Height, Age, Family, Wife, Income

On July 10, 1970, he was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. So, through this page, you can check the Saravanan Arul Wiki and other information. Great businessman and actor Saravana Selvarathinam is Saravanan’s father. Arul’s uncles’ Yoga Rathinam and Raja Rathinam were also active in his father Selvarathinam’s business career.

Because he appeared with a well-known actress in advertising movies for Saravana Stores, he has been made fun of online. In an unidentified 2019 Kollywood production, Saravanan Arul made his acting and producing debuts. He shares the lead role with model-turned-actor Geethika Tiwary.

Saravanan Arul Age

On July 10, 1970, Saravanan Arul was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. And he will be 50 years old in 2021.

Saravanan Arul Early years and biography/Wiki

He was raised in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, in the metropolis of Chennai. He is under the sign of Cancer. He had a degree, but he wanted to succeed in business because his family runs a successful enterprise. There is no other information known about his education. His father and his uncles jointly own a firm. He decided to pursue his business as a career in the same manner.

The career of Saravanan Arul

Saravanan Arul began his professional career in the family business. The Legend New Saravana Stores, Saravana Selvarathinam, and Legend Saravana are just a few of the well-known shops he currently owns. His father and uncle have played significant roles in his prosperous business career.

He works as an actor in addition to his business ventures. He gained greater fame as an actor after appearing in an advertisement for his own clothing company alongside Tamannaah and Hansika Motwani, two very well-known Tollywood actors. He eventually started receiving online trolls for his acting in his businesses with these talented girls. But things worked out well, and as a result of his trolling, he and his retail locations gained popularity, which is what he wanted.

He made his Kollywood debut in 2019 with an untitled Kollywood film. He co-stars in the lead role of this film alongside famed model-turned-actress Geethika Tiwary. Saravanan portrays a college professor in this film. In addition to other international countries, this film was also filmed in the Himalayas, Pollachi, and Chennai. He also saw numerous advertisements in addition to the movie.

Relationships, Family, & Cast

He was born in a Tamil Indian family in the Indian city of Chennai. His father has provided him with a lot of career support. His father, Saravana Selvarathinam, is a businessman as well. Raja Rathinam and Yoga Rathinam are his two uncles. They both play a significant role in his father’s business career as well. Saravanan Nadar is the name of his grandfather. With his wife, Saravanan Arul has two daughters. Meenakshi is the name of one of her daughters; the other’s name is unknown. Deepak, his son-in-law, is from Meenakshi and goes by that name.

Physical attributes

He is 50 years old and in excellent shape. He stands at 5 feet 4 inches/165 cm in height. Around 70 kilograms would be his weight. His waist measures about 32 inches, and his chest is roughly 40 inches. The businessman has dark hair and eyes, which complement each other well.

Fascinating facts and Information

  • He is a kind individual who gets along with businesspeople. In November 2018, he gave “Kaja cyclone” a donation of 1 crore rupees. He gave this cash to the chief executive fund of Tennessee.
  • He encountered several trolls from meme creators as a result of his acting in TV advertisements for his own company.
  • Big Bazaar founder Kishore Biyani claims that he was inspired to launch the company by Saravana Stores.
  • He has consistently come under fire for paying his employees a pitiful wage.
  • He enjoys reading the news.
  • At his daughter’s wedding reception, which was hosted at the Grand Chola Hotel in Chennai, he gave her a dress worth Rs. 13 crores.

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