StockTwits Review 2021: Is It Really Worth It?

Traders and investors have wondered what Stocktwits is all about for years. So, if you’re looking for unbiased feedback about this service, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Is it worthwhile to try the service? And, if so, what type of benefit can you expect from it?

Our conclusion is that this is a good platform. After all, it offers a good chart room and fantastic heat maps to help you make more educated selections.

It does, however, have two main drawbacks. And we firmly feel that all of our readers should be informed of these before signing up. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Information about the StockTwits company

StockTwits is an international social real-time messaging platform for traders and investors. It gives you access to professional research, news, trade ideas, and market sentiments for trending assets in real-time.

ST Invest, LLC is a subsidiary of the StockTwits, Inc. holding company, which is a member of FINRA and SIPC. It provides private traders with securities investment services and solutions.

StockTwits is a social media platform for stock market traders and investors. The site is a professional community where individuals share advice and ideas on specific stocks as well as the most recent financial market news.

StockTwits services

StockTwits Review

StockTwits is not only a social network for investors and traders to communicate but also an information hub with a variety of essential services. The desktop and mobile applications’ functionality is straightforward and well-organized, allowing each visitor to get the most out of their time here.

StockTwits’ major goal is to facilitate communication among resource members. You can post comments and ideas using charts, links, photographs, and GIFs in the social stream, as well as reply to messages and follow other investors. You can quickly discover the information you need using effective navigation.

You can also:

  • Messages can be filtered by links or diagrams, but not by republishing or replies;
  • Use the “cashtags” (#$cashtags) to find data on trading assets and claim ownership of the well-known hashtag. For example, if you type “$AAPL” into the search box, you’ll get market statistics on Apple stock.
  • Certain unwanted texts are blocked.

Is It Really Worth It?

Stocktwits is not without issues, but it is still a worthwhile website to consider. The platform, in general, is more of a social networking tool than a trading instrument.

If you want to do some actionable trading without all the commotion, there are a number of potential trading rooms where you may join.

In terms of idea generation, entertainment, and research, the service shines out. In reality, the site may be thought of as a financial social network with a twist of amusement.

Prepare yourself for all of the noise on the platform once more.

StockTwits Review

Here is the detailed StockTwits Review for new users.

StockTwits is still a good website in general. The reason I’m bringing up the criticisms is that I believe the site might be 10x more useful with a few improvements. StockTwits is currently more of a social network than a trading tool, in my opinion. Joining a trading chat room is a good idea if you want relevant trade information without the noise.

StockTwits, on the other hand, provides a lot of value by aggregating message data and turning it into actionable insights. Reading 50 bullish ideas on a single ticker, for example, adds little value, but knowing that 95% of the messages regarding that ticker are bullish can be useful information.


  • A Helpful Research Tool for Investing — All of the stock information on Stocktwits is well-organized, making it simple for anyone to use for study.
  • User-friendly Interface — This is especially important if you use Twitter frequently.
  • In addition to creating fantastic trade ideas, the forum is also a tremendous source of intellectual fun.


  • Too Many Ads – Many similar services suffer from the same issue. Too many advertisements can detract from the user experience and can be rather aggravating.
  • Noisy Streams – There is a lot of information out there that isn’t really useful. You can end up with too much information and not enough intelligence as a result of this.

Overall, StockTwits appeals to me for two reasons:

Entertainment and basic research are two of the most important aspects of idea generation.
As previously said, aggregate data is excellent for idea development.

The website can also be utilized as a fun financial social networking site. Scrolling through streams and seeing the various thoughts about a stock can be fascinating. Although the streams contain some useful information, there is just too much noise to make this a “go-to” research tool.


In comparison to its competitors, the StockTwits website has restricted features and terms. Because the platform is geared for stock market investors, there are virtually no services or tools available for Forex traders. The resource, on the other hand, is well-known around the world because it allows you to learn from the experiences of other investors while also sharing your own best practices and trading ideas.

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