Truck Driver Safety Tips To Avoid Risk Of Accidents

There is more important than ever before on the safety of trucks and their drivers. With more trucks on the road than ever before, the risk of an accident is therefore increased. Already we see data that some 74% of fatalities on the road are caused by trucks, and it is imperative that we continuously work to ensure that truck drivers are operating the vehicle in the safest way possible.

Here in Staten Island, NY truck accident lawyer Hill & Moin have been discussing the need for extra safety with regards to truck drivers, and here are some tips on how they can increase the safety of their driving.

Defensive Driving

An important skill that trucking companies should be teaching their drivers is defensive driving. At its most basic level, this is about anticipating potential hazards further up the road and then taking evasive action to prevent an accident. Practicing techniques such as the three-second rule, watching out for blind spots, and staying calm behind the wheel are all important in avoiding potential accidents.

Preventative Maintenance

Truck drivers should be absolutely confident that their vehicles have been correctly and regularly maintained. If we look at the statistics we can see that some 30% of all truck-related accidents are caused because of tire defects, which is why this is one of the most important areas of the truck to focus on. Good maintenance prevents accidents, it really is that simple.

Pre and Post Trip Inspections

Trucks can be damaged in a number of ways during a trip, which can later result in an accident. This is exactly why drivers should be encouraged to carry out pre and post-trip inspections. The responsibility will be on the shoulders of the trucking companies to train their drivers in carrying out these inspections and knowing what kind of damage or dangers to watch out for.

Full Focus

Not many truck accidents are caused because of driver fault, but when they are it almost always comes down to them being distracted. Companies must therefore look to coach their drivers on how they can avoid distractions whilst they are behind the wheel. Using cameras in the cab, companies can keep an eye on the level of focus that their drivers have, and use that information to coach them to do better.

Being Equipped

Long-distance truck drivers can face a range of different weather conditions and it is important that they are equipped with the tools that they need in order to cope. These could mean GPS systems that help the truck to avoid inclines in snowy or icy weather, as well as products such as anti-freeze which will ensure that they have perfect visibility even in tough conditions.

In order to reduce the number of fatalities and the number of accidents on the road which are caused by trucks, it is imperative that companies are actively working with their drivers on increasing safety.

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