Why should we hire you? – how to answer when answering this question

With all the variety of positions for which staff is recruited, the qualifications of this personnel, and the conditions of employment, employers, as a rule, have a very limited set of standard questions that are asked to almost everyone. One of the most frequently asked questions from the “gentleman’s set” of the employer: why should we hire you?

Why should we hire you?
Why should we hire you?

He annoys some applicants, slightly puzzles others, and baffles others. How to keep calm when you hear this phrase for the hundredth time, but most importantly – what to answer it? Candidates are at a loss… “After several interviews, I found that I was completely stuck on questions like “Tell us about your advantages” or “Why should we choose you”? I don’t know how to answer such questions, because all the information about me is in my resume!”, the applicant is indignant. “I can’t praise myself, it seems stupid to me! .. I know that you can’t be silent. Maybe there is some standard answer or a set of phrases to at least say something? ”She asks.

Of course, the first thing to do in such a situation is to remain calm. You can give vent to the accumulated irritation after the interview, in a private conversation with a friend or girlfriend. The sharp reaction of the applicant will block his access to the next stages of the interview because companies are interested in non-conflict employees. Unfortunately, there is simply no such universal advice, not in form, but in content. According to the expert, such questions help the interlocutor understand how confident the candidate is in his professional capabilities, whether these capabilities correspond to the tasks assigned to the employee in this position, and how realistically the candidate assesses this relationship.

Nobody expects “self-praise” from you, but the competition for a vacancy, by and large, is a sale, the expert continues. – The employer must be sure that by choosing your candidacy, he will receive the best employee from all those applying for this vacancy. Answer this question in such a way that the potential employer has no doubts about it. Place emphasis on those nuances that are important for this particular vacancy, in this particular company.

Based on this context, the answer to the question “Why should we take you?” you can prepare in advance, focusing on the requirements for the position, and rehearse it in front of the mirror. Or you can “compose” along the way, having previously clarified the employer’s expectations with the help of questions from the arsenal of a good salesperson: “What are your wishes for a candidate for this position?”, “What results do you expect from a specialist in this position?” and “By what criteria will his work be judged?”

However, not all are so simple. Different positions, companies, in the end, different candidates – all suggest a certain differentiation of answers. Let’s study the details.

What is the purpose of the employer asking the question “Why should we choose you”

After you have found a job using the job abroad search service and come to the interview, think about how to answer this question. First of all, the employer evaluates your reaction to the question. After all, it is important for him to understand the motivation of the candidate, not to make a mistake, and choose the best employee for his company.

Especially if the interview is conducted by an employee – a personnel manager. He, like no one else, is interested in hiring a qualified employee who will perform his duties well.

If the manager makes the mistake of choosing a bad candidate, then his professional reputation will suffer.

Why prepare in advance the answer to the question “Why should we hire you” and how to do it

This question is very popular with employers and HR managers. So that there is no long pause, and you do not get into an awkward position, not knowing what to say, after all, you need to prepare several answers in advance.

The first thing you will need to do is read the job requirements. Then highlight a few (3-4) of your professional skills that meet these requirements and are necessary for the performance of job duties. It can be:

  • technical skills (for example, knowledge of programs, work with office equipment, knowledge of languages, etc.);
  • personal qualities (organization, punctuality, diligence);
  • work experience;
  • experience in performing specific tasks and responsibilities;
  • achievements, awards;
  • education, continuing education.

It is preferable that you use a combination of several skills in your answer. For example, you have a specialized education + work experience in this field + discipline + achieving good results at a previous job.

You do not know what your competitors will answer – other applicants for this vacancy. But now you have an important task – to present yourself as the best candidate.

Try to convince the employer that you:

  • accurately cope with the work and achieve good results;
  • you have the necessary qualifications, skills, and work experience;
  • fit perfectly into the team.

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