Allowing Employees Extra Break Time Improves Performance Effectively

By allowing them to take breaks, they can come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their tasks with renewed enthusiasm. Additionally, having more free time allows them to pursue activities that will give them a sense of purpose and satisfaction, which in turn can increase their motivation. This can lead to improved morale and better job performance overall. With the right balance of work and leisure time, you can help your staff become more productive and successful in the long run.

Allowing Employees Extra Break Time
Allowing Employees Extra Break Time

Hiring new staff can be a long, expensive, and arduous process, the last thing you want is for them to start off full of vigor and enthusiasm only for them to end up jaded and burned out after the first few months, giving staff more free time can be an effective way to increase performance, morale, and productivity. By allowing your employees to take breaks, you can help them stay focused and motivated throughout the day. Additionally, providing extra time for rest and relaxation can help reduce stress levels, which in turn will lead to better performance. With increased free time, staff members are able to take on new challenges and tasks with renewed energy and enthusiasm. This will ultimately lead to improved overall team performance and satisfaction.

Another advantage of giving staff more time to take a break is that the benefit can easily pay for itself. If your employees are given an additional 30 minutes of free time every day, they will be able to produce 33% more in revenues than if you had allowed them only 45 minutes. That’s one return on investment every three weeks.

A huge amount of time is spent on email in the corporate workplace, resulting in lower productivity and a lack of quality communication. Data from Nielsen Norman Group research shows that the average US worker spends 4 hours and 49 minutes per day on email. 60% of this time is spent reading or replying to messages, while only 15% is used for sending messages. The solution to getting more work done with your employees can be as simple as reducing the amount of time they spend on email by implementing a few simple changes such as establishing office hours and scheduling weekly check-ins during which employees are given a specific amount of minutes for each test and reward them by giving them some of the time saved as extra breaks.

Good staff management doesn’t need to be a chore for everyone, it can be a win-win for all concerned. Give a little and watch the returns flood in.

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