Best Ways To Become Freelance Video Editor With No Experience

Become Freelance Video Editor: You may find various rewarding careers in the film and video industry. You may work as a director, cinematographer, post-production coordinator, etc. Everybody else is your oyster; the world is yours to explore. Those who have caught the editing bug can attest that working in the field is like no intellectual workout.

And yet, how can one enter the field of video editing? How does one get started as a freelance editor, and more importantly, how does one succeed at it?

Let’s talk about how to acquire customers, how to organize your day, and how to finally transform yourself into a company as a freelance editor since they are the factors that will make a difference in whether you will succeed or you will fail.

Who is a Freelance Video Editor?

Best Ways To Become Freelance Video Editor With No Experience

Best Ways To Become Freelance Video Editor With No Experience

So, let’s start at the beginning and lay out the parameters of what it means to be a freelance video editor in the modern day. Simply put, a freelance video editor is a professional who accepts jobs in video editing from various clients.

In addition, a freelance video editor may be required to do various technical tasks, such as color correction, sound editing, or video encoding and exporting. However, in most contexts, a freelance video editor is someone whose job is to take raw material (either their own or someone else’s) and turn it into a finished product.

A video editor and client or project manager will need to communicate back and forth to establish project parameters and discuss final deliverables.

Video Editing Freelance: 5 Qualifications

Having covered what it’s like to work as a video editor daily, let’s talk about the fundamental skills you’ll need to launch your freelancing career. Some are items you must have to function (like a computer), while others are qualities you must cultivate and exhibit.

Technology that Meets Minimum Requirements

While a top-of-the-line computer isn’t required, you will need one capable of editing at a reasonable speed.

Discs that Store Data in A Rigid Format (and Back-Ups)

Always have many hard drives and backup devices on hand if you’re a freelance video editor who cares about the security of the content they produce for their customers.

Classes in Video Editing

You’ll need extensive instruction in video editing to do all the things expected of a professional video editor, whether you get that training from a reputable institution or via YouTube tutorials.

Capacity for Problem-Solving

As with any creative endeavor, video editing has its fair share of challenges, and a successful editor must be adept at finding solutions.

Talents in Conversation

Freelance video editors must communicate effectively with customers about scripts, objectives, and deadlines and incorporate their comments into subsequent iterations of a project.

However, from then on, every freelance video editor will have their own one-of-a-kind set of talents shaped by their particular career path and life experiences.

Learning the Basics of Freelance Video Editing

Learning the Basics of Freelance Video Editing

Learning the Basics of Freelance Video Editing

Given the requirements mentioned above and sample routines, the question is, how does one get a freelance video editing job off the ground?

Well, it’s not nearly as black and white as other careers, so the answer is a little more nuanced.

Video editing as a side gig is a full-or-nothing deal. Congratulations, if you are now engaged in editing for a paying customer. As a video editor, you should know to create a video ad; you work on your own time.

You are not yet a freelance editor if you have never worked as one before.

The good news is that all you need to do to start your career as a freelance editor is get your first customer. Which isn’t as complicated as it seems, though, if you follow the instructions below

Initiating a Career in the Video Editing Industry

You’ll need to decide whether to be a freelancer after you have a few customers and projects under your belt or if you wish to convert your video editing into a company. As a result, many people who work as videographers on a freelance basis decide to launch their own video editing companies, and some consider for create a video for youtube.

You may start as the only employee, but as your reputation grows and your workload increases, you may want to consider bringing more people to assist you.

You should start by following these fundamental procedures:

  • You may use your name for your business at the outset, but if you want to see it flourish, you should probably think of something more creative
  • Make a reel to display your most excellent work as a freelance video editor and the variety of your jobs
  • Create a website or portfolio; nowadays, a website is needed for every business, including video editing. Start with a simple Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress template
  • Please don’t overlook the power of your LinkedIn profile; it’s still one of the best ways to show off your expertise as a video editor online
  • Finally, if your business expands, you should consider becoming an LLC to track business spending, income, and taxes more efficiently

Tips from Freelance Video Editors

To sum things off, we’ll give some tips from working freelance video editors on getting your career off the ground. According to those that work in the field, successful video editors often exhibit the following traits:

  • Promotes open dialogue and welcomes suggestions
  • Has a drive to study and improve
  • The ability to tell stories instinctively
  • Considering individuals, their wants, and their aspirations


Follow the tips discussed above to get started in freelance video editing. Never forget that although significant bits of advice might help you get started, the only way to get started is to begin. Get your name out there, work on side projects to enhance your abilities, and start creating the identity you want.

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