Should You Create Revision Notes for Your Students?

Creating revision notes is a controversial issue among teachers. Some believe it is beneficial, while others believe it is not beneficial. A study was carried out to determine whether students benefit from having teacher-created revision notes or not. They came to the conclusion that teacher-made revision notes are effective in promoting learning when used correctly. Meaning, if a student completely relies on the revision material, it will be against the purpose for which the notes were prepared.

Stress of Exam

Exams can be stressful, with students worrying about the amount of information they have to remember and the time pressure they face. Revision notes prepared by a competent authority are a sure way of releasing stress from the student.

Revision is the key to success in exams

Revision notes can help students revise subjects quickly and effectively. Many students find it difficult to revise their subjects but revision notes can be a great helping hand for them. It is an easy way to learn the concepts of your subject and it also helps you understand them better as well as remember them easily.


In some subjects, such as Chemistry, Physics, and Computer, there are keywords or phrases that need to be remembered. It’s a lot harder to learn them if they are in a long text, therefore having a concise version of the syllabus is extremely helpful for the students.

Organized preparation

Providing revision notes to students will help students feel organized and may give them more confidence that they have covered all the topics in the course. The notes will also provide them with a means of checking their progress and ensuring that they have not missed anything. The notes can be used as revision materials, especially by students who struggle to remember things from class or don’t want to spend too much time reading over their textbooks.

Consumes the teacher’s time

However, there are several drawbacks for teachers who create material for students. One is that it takes up a lot of time – both in preparing it initially and then updating it each year.

Doesn’t cover the full syllabus

Another issue is that students may use the notes as if they were the only resources they needed to learn the content. They may not bother doing other types of revision like writing lists or making mind maps. Time-poor students will also find it easier to use teacher-provided notes than make their own. This may lead them to overlook a useful way of reinforcing

Revision notes can help students to plan their revision time and to make sure that they are covering everything that is important. They can also help students to identify gaps in their knowledge and give them ideas for how to fill those gaps. A teacher is not responsible for providing revision material, but if someone is doing it, then the students should be grateful for the effort being made for them by their teacher.

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