The Most Popular Types of Quizzes and Why They Work

Quizzes are a huge favorite among people. Because I was one of those folks, I am aware of this. My daily regimen also included a short period of time spent taking personality tests. These are just a few examples of the inquiries I frequently participated in: “Who’s your Hogwarts best friend?” “How old do you act?” and “What color is your soul?”

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Greetings from the quizzing world! We are happy you are here. We’ll explain the fundamentals of several quiz kinds in this beginner’s tutorial. Consequently, relax and settle in! The fun and thrilling world of quiz creation will become more transparent.

Let’s face it, these tests are far more engaging and reveal information that is sometimes illuminating and relevant. However, have you ever considered where these quiz questions originate from or the genuine purpose of these quizzes?

We’ll look at numerous quiz kinds in this blog article and how they differ.

A quiz: what is it?

It might be challenging to explain a term’s basic idea or behavior that is widely accepted. Putting jokes aside, a quiz is a rapid exam allowing quick understanding and evaluation of knowledge. It may be a game with a few questions or a big event with many participants. The styles of the quizzes also vary greatly, from classroom tests or regular pub quizzes to hugely viewed television game shows (like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) and, more recently, quizzes on company websites. Quizzes are employed for innovative marketing methods and are far more involved and fun than any standard competition.

1. Trivia quiz

Simply said, a trivia quiz is a knowledge test for your audience. It might concentrate on a particular topic or gauge the overall knowledge of your audience. However, it’s preferable in most situations if the questions have some connection to your brand or area of expertise. For instance, movie quizzes are a smart bet if you manage a chain of movie theaters. However, an SEO quiz would be a better option if your company specializes in digital marketing for small businesses.

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Trivia quizzes are a great addition to your content marketing plan since they give your audience a fun challenge and are highly well-liked on social media. Your brand’s reach is expanding as your audience shares your quiz, and your standing as an expert in your subject is increasing as well.

2. Personality test

Due to its versatility and application for various reasons, personality tests are among the most popular quiz types. You can include a personality test on your website to understand your customers better. You can also use a series of questions to determine the best product or service. It is a technique or instrument to evaluate and examine human conduct, ideas, and feelings. Several facets of a person’s personality or emotional state are determined.

Personality tests can be entertaining and educational at times, but they can also be useful in identifying our areas of weakness. Typical formats for personality tests include:

  • Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator
  • 16-Personalities-Quiz 
  • DISC-Test
  • Enneagram
  • The-Attachment-Styles

There are several quiz questions kinds in these various personality tests. Like the 16 personality tests, there are multiple-choice exam questions, poll questions, and Likert scales (scales ranging from “highly agree” to “highly disagree”).

Use personality tests to discover more about you or another individual. You can utilize these tests during employment interviews. In addition, you may utilize them to get to know your friends better or learn more about a potential date. Several personality tests are also produced by a book or movie’s fanbase. The question “Which Game of Thrones character are you?” the question “What is your spirit animal?”

Because they test less information, personality tests are often shorter than other quizzes. Instead, they offer questions to determine your personality profile based on how specific scenarios would make you feel.

3. Scored Quiz

As implied by the name, scored or points quizzes are used to grade exams. The test, also known as a tally test, evaluates responders’ knowledge. This style of test is often used in education to evaluate pupils online. To create a scored quiz, you must specify the subject and give each question a point value. The points that responders earn during the exam are used to determine the results.

You can experiment with various settings or set “answer scores” for each question to make your scored quiz interesting. Alternatively, you may assign a point value to each choice, allowing you to deduct points for incorrect responses. This style of test or quiz is used in competitive examinations. Most of the quiz questions are multiple-choice, true/false, and sometimes open-ended question types.

quiz online thinking types popular

The ability to build up a goal (such as testing a person’s knowledge of a topic), generate a list of questions related to the objective, give point values, and develop a table for judging results are all necessary for creating an adequately scored quiz. You occasionally run into the viral quiz type known as Scored Quiz. With a timer add-on and other add-ons, this quiz may be readily made utilizing quiz plugins or Google Forms.

4. Multiple-Choice Quiz

Multiple choice examinations are certainly something you’re used to from taking exams in school. They are merely multiple-choice tests that contain questions. Each multiple-choice question in a test or knowledge/trivia quiz presents a variety of potential responses, many of which need to be corrected, and only one is right. Since your score is determined by how many accurate answers you select, you must select the appropriate response as the quiz taker.

A multiple-choice question in a personality test provides several alternatives encompassing all viable responses so that each participant has a relevant response option. If users have trouble finding an option that accurately describes them, you can even offer an open-answer opportunity where they can write their responses.

You may enable quiz takers to pick multiple answers or restrict them to one for both questions. These tests may be utilized in various contexts, but they are particularly effective for evaluating knowledge in academic and professional settings.

5. BuzzFeed Style Test

One word sums up all of these appealing qualities: BuzzFeed quiz. These tests are supposed to be entertaining and humorous while yet being educational! The style of BuzzFeed quizzes mainly comprises trivia questions and tiny personality tests (which are what they are). They can also be divided into questions about the zodiac, cuisine, movies and TV shows, relationships, and more.

They are not constrained by the fact that they are frequently based on current or popular events! There are many additional entertaining subjects, such as “What kind of pet would you be?” Who would you choose as the elder version for “Stranger Things” kids? (but don’t expect us to tell you which one we think)?

Take our “Which ‘It’ Character Are You?” quiz. With The Cast Quiz

Due to the way Buzzfeed is structured, they can pair up two individuals who should never be together again in any world (at least not until they end up imprisoned together in some kind of parallel reality). The popularity of BuzzFeed quizzes is due to.

They are fascinating (as we can see from the categories, of course! ), individualized and offer results dependent on your replies.

They may be shared, which helps to promote engagement. The finest illustration of it is on the BuzzFeed website. In addition, these exams emphasize marketing and reach.

‘Multiple-choice’ or ‘this/that’ style quiz questions predominate on the BuzzFeed quiz, you’ll notice. The tests use various materials to portray a person’s personality or interests, including pictures, animated gifs, and drawings.

quiz online thinking types popular

How to design a quiz?

A key element of websites with quizzes is plugins. The WordPress Quiz Maker plugin makes creating exciting and valuable quizzes, exams, and examinations simple and quick. Using our WordPress plugin, you may modify the test to suit your needs and make it challenging. There is no end to the number of exams and questions you may create. There is no restriction on how many people can take the exam simultaneously.  Your website’s user-friendly UI and responsive design will make users like taking your quizzes.

Given that hundreds of WordPress users have used and trusted this plugin, it is, without a doubt, the best WordPress quiz plugin. Try it out and make your own decision after that!

There may be questions like these:

A “radio” is a multiple-choice question (MCQ) with just one correct response.

A checkbox-based multiple-choice question (MCQ) has numerous potential responses.

Dropdown: An MCQ with a single correct answer that consists of a horizontal list of possibilities.

Text: A query that requires a written response.

A short text response is needed in response to a short text query.

A numerical answer is necessary to the question.

Date: A request that requires a data item in the answer.

You may build the following test kinds with the plugin: diagnostic quizzes, Buzzfeed quizzes, assessment quizzes, viral quizzes, multiple-choice tests, knowledge tests, IQ tests, this-or-that quizzes with photographs, true-or-false tests, and many more are on-the-way.

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