Home and Commercial Landscape Supplies from Rock Pros

Rock Pros Landscape Supply has been providing comprehensive landscape supply services since 1999. From sand and flagstone to soil, we can help you complete any project with high-quality materials. We offer products for your small residential or large commercial projects so contact us today! Rock Pros Landscape Supply is a provider of quality landscaping supplies in Lincoln California that’s open Monday through Friday 7:00 am – 5 pm PST.

Our team offers professional advice on what type of material will best suit the needs for whatever size building you’re working on whether it be smaller scale such as building patios and garden beds to larger construction like paving driveways, curbs, walkways; rock pros allows homeowners an opportunity at getting just about anything they need


As a general rule, and we supply for utility purposes is not utilized for decorative purposes, but may be utilized by the construction industry and others. For example, plaster sand can be put to use in water access points or volleyball court surfacing. This white-colored variety blends well with other materials like concrete making it a versatile product that has many uses!


Ebony Black, Oregon Eagle, Quartzite, Sandstone, and Slate are all types of flagstone available at Rock Pros Landscape supply. What is quartzite? This type of sandstone has been heat-treated and cooled to produce a crystalline gem! Whatever aesthetic theme you’re using for your landscaping project from the comically cute cactus garden to the Zen-inspired Japanese rock gardens; Rock Pro’s Flagstones have everything that will make it complete.


Visit Rock Pros Landscape Supply to find the perfect soil for your project. We have sand and gravel that’s great for playing in, topsoil designed specifically with plantings in mind, or a 50/50 blend of clay-based soils which drain well but still provide moisture requirements plants need–our Grower’s Blend helps create an ideal growing environment right at home! We sell a wide assortment of soils suitable for all your landscaping needs: from sand and gravel good for kids’ playtime fun to different types of high-quality dirt that can be used when planting anything from trees to grassy areas; we’ve got it covered. Visit our store today to see what kind you’ll love best!

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is the perfect blend of service and value. They are here to help you with all your landscaping needs, whether it be a new garden or just some fresh mulch for walkways that can turn any yard into an oasis in no time at all! Visit them today! Rock pros landscape supply has been serving Lincoln for years.

With their knowledge from years of experience as well as friendly guidance they’ve helped many folks realize their dreams – And on top of everything else, Rock Pro’s prices never cost more than what most people have budgeted already. Come visit us now so we can show you firsthand how easy our services make things- You’ll discover the difference right away when compared to other companies who offer similar supplies.

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