How Can I Teach English to Kids Online?

One of the most fulfilling experiences can be teaching children, especially when you observe how quickly they learn. However, it can also be difficult to teach English to children online.

Young students struggle with reading and writing, have short attention spans, and sometimes even have mood swings in class. The difficulty of virtual learning also tends to increase with age. is a great resource for online learning and resources. 

How, then, can you successfully teach kids online? You can use various strategies to create norms and encourage young language learners to benefit from their online classes.

We’ll delve into how to make your job as an Online English Teacher enjoyable and your lessons as productive as possible in this guide.

Talk slowly

Adults often speak quickly and give out a lot of information at once, even when speaking to children in their language. On the other hand, children need more time to process information and occasionally even to pay attention to the conversation. Imagine now adding a second language to the mix.

Even though you don’t have to speak slowly, you should pace yourself, use shorter sentences, and take frequent breaks to allow children to follow along and ask questions. As you slow down, be mindful not to speak louder. Children don’t have a hearing impairment; they require more processing time.

How Can I Teach English to Kids Online
How Can I Teach English to Kids Online

Take It Apart

Have you ever given a youngster a series of spoken instructions to discover that the child could only remember one or two steps? When instructing children online, bear that in mind. Limit the number of stages you offer and break procedures into smaller chunks.

Divide your teaching into pieces, such as different rooms in a house, if you’re discussing broader topics or themes like “My House.” Thanks to this, kids will be better able to follow the information and organize it into categories in their memories. You can mix several categories for a review once you’ve completed a lesson in its entirety.

Utilize visual aids and props

Many children learn best visually. They are unable to hear or read anything and retain it. Using props and visual aids may help students understand the material in various ways and give them additional hints to help them remember it. Even simple activities like having a puppet sing a song or define important vocabulary words can help students remember the material. Moreover, students who find learning challenging in a normal classroom environment can enrol in mandarin lessons in Singapore.  

Concentrate on managing the virtual classroom

It is essential to establish virtual classroom norms for younger kids. Numerous behavioral problems could arise in a distance learning setting, including:

  • If their microphones are on, they might disrupt the class or interrupt you.
  • Even worse than not paying attention, students might even engage in gaming or social media!
  • Additionally, if students are at home, toys or electronic devices may distract their attention.
  • Older kids can use the
  •  chat box to interact with their classmates.
  • To help with this, you might try establishing the following guidelines:
  • During class, every student must have their cameras activated.
  • All students are required to silence their microphones during teacher instruction.
  • Students should raise their hands if they need help understanding something (literally or virtually).
  • Before using the restroom, they should get permission.
  • During the lesson, no one should eat.
  • When in class, they ought to close all other websites.


Remember that you only get one chance to leave a lasting, favorable impression on children when you teach English to them online. Your performance in your online lessons matters. The young students and their parents always notice it, and they frequently thank teachers by scheduling them again in the future.

You will only have to spend some of your time on it. The gratification of witnessing your students’ progress throughout their time with you is one of the nicest aspects of working as an online English teacher.

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