IELTS Indicator: A Boon for Candidates in COVID Pandemic

IELTS indicator is a session-based online test developed by the British Council and IDP. This test has similar content, format, structure, and timing as the regular IELTS. Additionally, you can take this test from the comfort of home and still prove your English language proficiency.

However, it is the decision of institutions whether or not they approve of the IELTS indicator exam. Therefore, it is advised that all the students check in advance if their selected institute accepts the test.

The essence of an IELTS indicator test?

Also, this test has been launched in countries that have suspended IELTS testing due to Covid-19. The booking has already been initiated from April 22, 2021. So if it is impossible for you to commute to the center and you wish to apply for the IELTS indicator test, it is paramount to first understand…

If the IELTS indicator test’s procedure is different from the regular IELTS exam?

No, the IELTS indicator test is designed with the same pattern as the regular IELTS test. And includes identical four sections – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking for effectively assessing a student’s English language skills. The listening section will be for 30 minutes with 40 questions, Reading for 60 minutes with 40 questions, Writing with 60 minutes and 20 tasks, and the Speaking section will be of 15 minutes with three tasks.

To ensure high-quality standards as the regular IELTS test, the format of the IELTS indicator will be the same. However, the Speaking section will be conducted face to face with a qualified IELTS trainer through video call. Also, the IELTS indicator is conducted only once a week at a scheduled time. To help you handle your examination process smoothly, we have prepared a checklist. Let’s explore it!

Checklist for IELTS Indicator

To smoothly conduct your IELTS indicator test, you need to take the following measures.

  • A fast, reliable, and interruption-free internet connection
  • A laptop or desktop computer that has the minimum or recommended system requirement
  • Speakers and microphone
  • A working camera for the entire test duration
  • A photo ID that you used to apply for the IELTS indicator test, readily available for the complete test duration.
  • A well-lit room

P.S: Please don’t try to take the test on mobile or a tablet. Also, let’s dive into the other misconceptions related to the IELTS indicator.

Misconceptions about the IELTS indicator

  • The most common misconception about the IELTS indicator test is that it can be used for immigration purposes. But it’s not true, as it is only an academic test. Therefore, the term “IELTS indicator for Canada immigration is incorrect”.
  • As the IELTS indicator provides an estimated score only; thus, it is not accepted by all institutions. You will have to confirm it from your university or institution beforehand.
  • It’s true that the test is provided by both the British Council and IDP.
  • The Speaking test is not taken on the same day. It will be conducted a few days before or after the Listening, Reading, and Writing test.

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Benefits of IELTS indicator

There are numerous benefits offered by this test. Let’s lay them bare.

  • You can easily download the IELTS indicator software and confirm your identification with the help of a few emails received after final registration.
  • You can quickly navigate between the Listening, Reading, Writing sections in a different manner than the paper-based test.
  • You also get a reset option in the Listening and Reading section, with which you can easily reset all the questions answered so far. So don’t worry if you have made a mess in the matching activity, as there is a tool to fix it without much hassle.
  • You will receive the score report (section-based and overall) within seven days of your test date via email, as the process is completely automated.
  • The fee for the IELTS indicator is only $149 USD which is less than the regular IELTS test cost of $258 USD.
  • It is an official IELTS product, and you can conveniently trust its authentication.
  • Your performance is marked by the official examiners so there is no possibility of error.
  • Universities and educational institutions can use the IELTS indicator test for admissions. However, before making a reservation, we advise all students to confirm if their chosen university accepts the same.
  • Each candidate gets access to the IELTS indicator practice tests.
  • You can easily cancel your IELTS indicator test up to 4 working days before the actual test date in case you get COVID-19 or suffer from any other unforeseen event. However, if you cancel the test 3 days prior to your test date, then only a 75% refund will be given. And if you cancel it on the test day, then no refund will be provided.

How does it work?

The most credible thing about the IELTS indicator test is that you can take it at your home without worrying about the connectivity of your internet network. The time window for each section will be controlled by a software browser called SEB (safe exams browser). You just have to download it in advance.

However, to help you, the IELTS indicator website includes complete information about the registration and downloading process. So do not worry! Also, you will need a webcam for the Zoom Speaking test. Besides, remember to complete each section within the specified time period, as the test cannot be paused. Be agile, persuasive, and strategic to kick off your preparation today. Good luck!

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Author Bio – Aamya Chopra, an educational consultant having 10+ years of experience in the education field by managing an IELTS coaching center in Chandigarh. Her educational experience along with her interest in writing helps students to excel in their required skills.

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