What is WhatsApp API? Here’s Why it Should Be Your Go-to Marketing Solution

Do you struggle to keep your customers posted about service notifications, and you spend a massive amount of money on call canter agents? Then you have a solution at hand in WhatsApp API for Business.

It is a Customer Service strategy that is automated and personalized for your customers and is cost-effective. And while customer service messages can be challenging in general, WhatsApp Business is an easy way to connect with your clients one-on-one.

Although WhatsApp may appear to be just another chat service, the app contains elements useful for good customer relationships. So, what exactly is WhatsApp API, and how can you best use it for your business? Read on!

What is WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp is an excellent marketing strategy for reminding clients about specials, providing customer support, and increasing visibility. With the launch of WhatsApp Business, building strong client interactions is a breeze.

Using the API, you can provide personalized customer service to your customers via automated messages. If you’re introducing a new product or service, WhatsApp can automatically deliver the messages you’ve written to the clients you choose.

WhatsApp for Business: How to use it

What is WhatsApp API Here's Why it Should Be Your Go-to Marketing Solution

WhatsApp can be used for business purposes in a variety of ways. The program is used for conversation and sharing information and updates, which is the foundation for using WhatsApp as your Communication strategy.

It is a useful Channel to have in your arsenal. You can make your workflow visible and keep it structured with automatic communication. You only pay for messages you send, and it is easily manageable. Let’s look at how you can leverage WhatsApp as a business asset.

  • Conversational Customer Support is the game

In current times, customer expectation has increased significantly. They want answers to their queries immediately. They are unwilling to be bound by replies that take even a few hours. In the past, you had to increase your investments in Call Centre Support, which required both CAPEX and even open in some cases. This investment does not go unnoticed you get greater customer engagement as a reward.

Instant Messaging can be used by your customers and customer support to find information about tickets and learn about your company without searching on Google. They can access the catalog with detailed information about your offerings.

  • Live Chat Drives Revenue

It is just that live support drives customer confidence and trust in a brand, which drives revenue. This is enabled with Chatbots, the new engine for driving revenues through Automation. Chatbots remove repetitive tasks which humans perform. Most conversation of a customer with an agent is information that an agent reads from a CRM or some other software. If you move this conversation to Chatbot, you increase the rate at which customers can connect with you and reduce cost significantly, which earlier was spent on Agent and infrastructure for Managing the calls.

If your customers are seeking more information like those in the expenditure category, then WhatsApp, along with Chatbot, is the way forward for your business.

Customers are becoming used to reaching out to conversation chatbots for the brands.

Since Consumers are using it so much of WhatsApp in their daily life, they are increasingly comfortable communicating with brands on this platform.

Over 200 Mn are sent daily on WhatsApp Business API

The success of a consumer program depends on its adoption, and by that logic, WhatsApp is already a roaring success. This is confirmed by the fact that nearly 200 mn messages are being exchanged on WhatsApp API.

  • Build loyalty and trust

WhatsApp Business gives businesses a personal space to communicate with clients in a timely manner. And this helps build trust and loyalty by delivering the information they require in real-time.

WhatsApp is an exceptional way to communicate with your customers. If you’re looking for a marketing strategy with zero cost involved and excellent results, you must use WhatsApp Business to reach out to your audience.

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