How ChatBots Help Drive Engagement and Business Grow

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram messenger for business to engage with potential customers. So if your company is looking to connect with your specific target audience, the use of marketing bots on these platforms is a way to go.

Digital marketing chatbots are a great tool to manage a long list of business activities online and help you communicate with customers in a meaningful manner. They provide personalized experiences, increase conversions, and build brand loyalty. But what are chatbots, how to use them, and what is the best way to leverage this tool for your business success? Read on! We’ve got you covered in this comprehensive guide.

What are chatbots?

A Learn How ChatBots Help Drive Engagement and Business Grow

Chatbots are essentially Process Robots that perform repetitive and mundane tasks which any human performs. SO, in this case, imagine a Robot replacing a call center agent.

So instead of employing an army of agents to answer queries, we can deploy Chatbots trained to mimic human responses. The bots are trained in NLP or Natural Language processing, which is how humans process language. The bots are trained to respond to human communication in the correct context. So In a way, a chatbot is a replacement for a human agent.

What this technology does is that earlier, large companies’ domain to deploy large call centers can now be achieved under small budgets.

This tool can be deployed on SMS, WhatsApp, social media, and even email. Chatbots come in many forms to meet the needs of a business. And while they aren’t a new marketing tool, their use has accelerated in recent years. The brands have realized their value in marketing strategies and promoting their products and services.

How can businesses use Messenger-based marketing chatbots?

Reduce the waiting time for customer

SO unlike a call center, with the chatbot, the customer is never put in a queue and gets a response immediately. So your customer will never complain about the hold music that the call center plays while holding a call.

24×7 Call Centre

The biggest difference that comes with deploying Chatbots is you have always-on Customer Care. This means you have the advantage of always-on customer care without the large budget of a call center. SO if your customer call to check the status of their complaint or talk about the balance in their account, you need to deploy a chatbot system. Not just this, you can train to handle a chatbot to control human emotions also, and accordingly take appropriate action, like transferring a call to a human agent in case it finds the customer is angry. In short, they play assistants to call center agents, taking offload on call center and hence reducing cost.


Chatbots also bring in personalization, so customer interactions are captured, and that can be the basis of building personalization when a natural person is talking to them. to understand

To improve the conversion rate

Chatbots help in providing a personalized experience to your audience. They assist your Business in providing product recommendations and details to the customers, depending on their preferences. It encourages customers to buy a product or service online and generates high conversions.

Drive Engagement with Brands

Instagram Messenger bots create a fun and memorable space for your customers, making them more likely to engage with your brand. It allows you to stand out among your competition. Customers can be re-engaged in a variety of ways and increase conversions. Marketers can send customized updates to clients outside of the standard 24-hour messaging timeframe.

Establish long-term customer relationship

Chatbots aid in developing long-term customer connections. They are easily accessible to your audience and increase sales of your Business. Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your Business exposes it to several people, eventually leading to better conversions and revenue.

Generate sales leads

A conversational and friendly tone on the marketing platforms makes a lasting impression. Companies can use Messenger chatbots to create higher-quality leads. And this can be done in a single discussion between the brand and customer.

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Collect relevant data for marketing

Marketing chatbots gather relevant data. Customers can give out valuable information during an interaction in planning marketing strategies. Your Business can figure out exactly what customers desire and improve your performance.


Messenger is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience, build lasting relations, and customize experiences. Marketers can use them for different purposes – from increasing brand awareness to higher conversion rates.

So use Messenger bots for data and understand your customers better. If you want to learn more about them, get in touch with the professionals at Mud Studios for your chatbot requirements.

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