Best IELTS Prep Course 2022

Are you considering studying or relocating to the United Kingdom or another Commonwealth country? Then you should be aware that your IELTS score is critical to your application and should be prioritized.

Our top English learning specialists have compiled a list of the finest online training programs and courses for the IELTS test in 2022 based on their extensive study. To assist you along the road, you may find both paid and free classes here.

More than 3.5 million people take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam each year. It is by far the most widely accepted test for academic, visa/citizenship, and professional reasons in Anglophone nations.

There are over 1600 IELTS test centers in over 140 countries and territories. IELTS can also be taken safely online if you don’t have access to a test facility nearby.

Your preparation is the only factor that might affect your IELTS score. If you want to earn the highest possible mark on this rigorous test, you need to completely prepare yourself ahead of time whereby one of the most common methods to do so is by taking up an IELTS online course.

Understanding IELTS (FutureLearn& The British Council)

Understanding IELTS (FutureLearn& The British Council)

The British Council, in cooperation with the UK-based learning platform FutureLearn, is offering an online IELTS preparation ExpertTrack called “Understanding IELTS.” The British Council is a non-profit organization that promotes British culture across the world and is engaged in the development and administration of the IELTS exam. This means that by participating in this course, you will learn all there is to know about the IELTS exam from the people who run it.

Students who devote three hours of study time each week to “Understanding IELTS” will complete the course in roughly three months on average. Remember that three hours per week is a minor commitment, and the course may be finished in much less time if you double or treble your weekly hours. This would also cut down on the number of monthly payments you’d have to make for the course, making it even more cost-effective.

The course is divided into four three-week segments, according to the curriculum. These four sections correlate to the four IELTS writing, listening, speaking, and reading sections of the test.

IELTS Prep & Practice (Magoosh Online)

IELTS Prep & Practice (Magoosh Online)

The following course is Magoosh’s “IELTS Prep & Practice,” one of the most comprehensive online IELTS preparation courses available. It is an expert-led course appropriate for students preparing for the IELTS Academic or General Tests.

Before joining, you must select one of two learning paths: Academic or General. You’ll then get access to over 125 courses and 600 questions. All of the resources stated here are updated on a regular basis by carefully examining all of the traps and breakthroughs experienced by IELTS test takers. As a result, the information in this course will be useful whenever or wherever you plan to take the IELTS Test.

This Magoosh course offers a number of additional distinguishing features. Let’s take a look at a few of them. For starters, the session includes one-on-one tutoring. In fact, this means you may send an e-mail to the instructors and receive individualized feedback on your current learning path. Every IELTS test taker has a unique history, country of origin, and ability level. Individualized feedback ensures that each student receives the best appropriate approach.

IELTS Academic Test Preparation (edX)

IELTS Academic Test Preparation (edX)

Our pick for the finest online IELTS preparation course on EdX is “IELTS Academic Test Preparation.” It is an eight-week course created exclusively for students preparing for the IELTS Academic Test.

The session is led by English teachers from The University of Queensland, which is ranked among the top 50 universities in the world. These teachers have a lot of expertise assisting students in achieving their goals of passing the IELTS Academic Test and enrolling in an institution where English is the main language.

The course is divided into four units. Each of these courses focuses on a different aspect of language proficiency: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each module also includes tactics, ideas, and recommendations to help you get the most out of the information presented.

It’s worth noting that the lesson was surprisingly entertaining for an IELTS Academic exam preparation course. The practice tasks, which were first terrifying, became almost addicting. Furthermore, a large portion of this edX course is interactive.

IELTS Preparation Specialization (Coursera)

IELTS Preparation Specialization (Coursera)

Coursera has constantly been regarded as one of the finest MOOC providers currently available. As a result, it’s only reasonable that we’ll check into their IELTS preparation focus as well.

The University of California, Irvine, is hosting the class. UCI is frequently ranked among the best “public ivies” in the country (a public university providing Ivy League-level education).

Writing, listening/speaking, and reading are the three courses that make up the entire specialty. Students will need about three months to complete all of the courses.

If you’ve taken any of Coursera’s online courses, you’re already aware that the specializations include applied learning projects. The term “applied to learn” refers to examinations in this context. Students will be tested on their understanding of the IELTS format/structure, test-taking tactics, and types of questions asked in the IELTS Test in these exams.

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