How to get a Software Development Job in Nepal

Now that you’ve come close to clearing your educational course, perhaps you have also been through internships and mini-projects that were curated by your university or training institute. At this point, your priority would be to land the best possible software development jobs in Nepal. While it’s unrealistic to compare salaries across different parts of the … Read more

8 Benefits of Pursuing a Course in Strategic Management

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Top Successful Strategies for Career Advancement

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Best 5 Ways To Become Happier At Work

Without a set schedule, you’ll quickly find the lines between your personal life and work getting blurred. This can end up causing you a lot of stress. Ways To Become Happier At Work Continue to follow your normal routines as much as possible. Try to remain as consistent as you can. 1. Stick To a … Read more

Top 5 Tips for a Great Interview

In a lockdown, around the globe, the interview process changed from assessing the strengths of the person in front of you to seeing them only through the lens of an (often grainy) laptop camera. This is no small adjustment and one that many interviewers – and interviewees – will have struggled with. Even talking to … Read more

How to Choose the Right Career Path for You

During our kindergarten years, our teachers or loved ones used to ask us what we’d like to be when we grew up. At the moment, we were so assertive that we’d become a doctor, astronaut, nurse, or teacher — jobs we most likely only knew then. But as we grew older, our views and priorities … Read more

10 Supply Chain Management Careers That Are Shaping The Future

Supply chain management entails a broad range of activities the flow of products from the initial sourcing to their creation via distribution. Supply chain systems are highly complex that entirely depend on the role played by the employees. This is the reason behind supply chain management calling for a variety of professionals to manage its … Read more