Understanding the PDPA and How We’re Keeping Your Business Safe

Your company’s credibility and competence are your company lead towards successful recruitment. The most critical part of your business is finding the right individuals to work with. However, with today’s vast demand for staffing agencies, are you sure your resume is handled properly? Do you think all of the personal files you uploaded are safe? … Read more

Prune provides a basic guideline on exchanging foreign cash in India

Are you thinking about a vacation overseas or returning from one? An international trip for your personal or business depends heavily on foreign exchange. And it means an accurate currency conversion for the destination country. In India, different foreign exchange sources can assist with the transaction. These include airport counters, commercial banks, money merchants, and … Read more

Business Analysis Techniques Series: Surveys or Questionnaire

Business Analysis Techniques Series. Surveys or Questionnaire administers a set of written questions to stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts. Surveys or questionnaires can elicit information from many people, often anonymously, in a relatively short period of time. Steps for survey Define the purpose and objective of the survey. Identify target groups. Minimize respondent’s time, max … Read more